The Site Prague

In the heart of Europe

Studying above the roofs of Prague

The IPFM`s main office and its teaching spaces are located in the centre of Prague on Wenceslas Square in the premises of the long-term cooperation partner DTIHK, the German-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Classes are held in the famous glass dome with panoramic views of Prague’s skyline.


Cultural mix between west and east 

Prague, also known as the “Golden City”, is often mentioned as a very important melting pot of the eastern and western cultures. For centuries, multicultural influences have built an atmosphere of acquaintance and inspiration. Within multiple traditional treasures of architecture and metropolitan identification you find plenty of cultural sites and landmarks framed by human achievements. The historical city center was announced World Heritage by UNESCO in 1992.


Traditional Industry – Current Challenges

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is not only a central-European traffic-knot, but also offers plenty of social and economic challenges and therefore is the ideal place for enlarging the personal horizon as well as empowering business and international relations. Traditional Industry, such as metalworking, machine construction and poly industry are strongly connected to Prague’s identity as well as touristic companies or film industry. Coming from this rich surrounding IPFM finds the ideal nutritious soil for development and innovation in Prague.