Admission & Application

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  • Undergraduate, graduate or a similar diploma
  • At least three years of work experience
  • Proficient knowledge of German or English (depending on your selected language)
  • Successful accomplishment of the entrance examination

(* Alternative admissions can be accepted under specific conditions. Please address your questions directly to IPFM.)

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee for the IPFM MBA Program*                                             11.900 EUR (plus VAT)

The tuition fee includes:

  • Admission, registration and examination fees
  • Participation in all seminars incl. lecture documents
  • Personal advisory and individual support before and during the complete MBA program

The tuition fee can be paid in EUR or CZK, Installment payments are possible.

(*Special conditions apply to participants from IPFM-partner companies and cooperation partners, DTIHK-members as well as AHK and IHK members and their employees.)

For more detailed information please see: Tuition and Course Fees or please contact the IPFM.


We offer the possibility of taking out a study loan for your MBA at the IPFM in cooperation with our partner Oberbank AG.




Our contacts:

Mgr. Hana Lomarová (advice in German or Czech possible):
Tel.: +420 224 190 142

Petra Jánošová (advice in English or Czech possible):
Tel.: +420 224 190 123


Apply now for a scholarship at the IPFM!


Every applicant who meets the requirements to participate in the IPFM MBA-program is legitimized to apply for a scholarship, except applicants who already benefit from special conditions, they may not be considered.

Required Documents

  • Formless application for the scholarship on the MBA Application Form
  • Proficient knowledge of German or English
  • Former educational background track (i.e. grades, scholarships, prices, publications, speeches)
  • Track of work experience (i.e. project management, social engagement, during or after studying or work experience, internships)
  • International experience, such as abroad studies or internships
  • Any voluntary commitments (i.e. politics, NGOs, theatre groups, sports clubs etc.)
  • Any voluntary commitments (i.e. politics, NGOs, theatre groups, sports clubs etc.)


  • As only a certain amount of people can be contained in one group, scholarships are limited to group sizes
  • The selection of applications for the scholarship is held upon examination of the handed-in material
  • Scholarships can only be given once for every applicant. Applying more than once is not permissible
  • Same time funding through two institutions (such as DAAD, etc.) is not admissible
  • During your scholarship a self-defined project has to be accomplished (i.e. a project at the work place or else)
  • A short description of your project (1-2 pages) should be handed in when starting the studies

Personal Campus Visit and Guest Hearing

People interested in applying for the MBA-program are invited to join a running program and get a first personal impression. This could be an excellent opportunity to have a personal talk to the staff. Just contact the IPFM for an appointment fitting your schedule!

Application Form

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Next start dates are:
MBA “General Management” in English:   March 2015
MBA “General Management” in German: September 2015

It is generally possible to get admission for an ongoing program.

Our dedicated team provides individual support and guidance on how to apply for the program, as well as during the complete time of your study.

Please contact the IPFM for more information.