“An outstanding and useful experience”

Reviews by Alumni

 Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. Thomas Foj, MBA, IPFM

After attending different institutions, such as University of Auckland (New Zealand), Technical University of Pznan (Poland) and Fachhochschule Rosenheim (Germany), Mr Foy graduated successfully in industrial engineering and operations research in 2006. “I decided to add the Executive MBA at IPFM to deepen my economic knowledge and acquire new skills in a surround of excellent professors and alumni. The focus on further knowledge in work experience and case studies were a major benefit”, says Thomas Foj. While he studied at IPFM he was overseeing businesses as a Regional Sales Manager for a medium sized business in Germany. “I consider the MBA-program a lasting and useful investment. I enjoyed very intense, informative and interesting two years at the Business School.

After graduating from IPFM Mr Foj took charge of the US branch of the company he worked for.

Ing. Petr Novotný, MBA, IPFM

Mr. Novotný accomplished his studies at TU Zvolen in 1986. When he started his IPFM-program he was promoted to the manager of a major division at Bosch Czech Republic and was looking back on 16 years of work experience. Still, the MBA-program was a challenge for Mr Novotný. Coming from a technical background he was expecting to be given a more economic understanding and a clearer picture of world economy in general. “Courses were difficult, but useful and fun at the same time”, he reconciles his studies. Thanks to his MBA graduation from IPFM Mr Novotný was promoted to become Head of Logistics at Bosch Turkey.

Mgr. Radka Čihůlková, MBA, IPFM

Next to the theory, which was conveyed skillful by the international qualified teachers, the studies were filled with lectures of experiences out of real life, which were held by diverse guests out of multi-national companies.

According to my opinion the MBA-studies are a fantastic opportunity to get the know-how in management. Next to that you meet fellow students, managers from various companies with who you can exchange ideas, experiences, opinions and views. This friendship often transfers into the auditorium and later into occupational life.

Dipl.-Ing. Miroslav Kroupa, MBA, IPFM

Mr. Kroupa finished his studies in 1992 at the university of Rostock/Warnemünde in Germany. He participated at the MBA-program of IPFM to improve his knowledge in economy and marketing.
At that time he was the manager for production costs optimization at Skoda Auto and already had 10 years of working experience. Mr. Kroupa speaks English, Spanish and German.
The timetable and the research work in English belonged to the biggest challenges for him.

In the correspondence course organization behavior his expectations were outdone, all above thank the internet. „It was an outrageous experience. Alone the course structure was excellent“. After finishing his MBA, Mr. Kroupa carrier became more international. He does more business trips to Europe and speaks foreign languages more often than he use to do – even more then Czech.