Welcome at IPFM in Prague!

International MBA Program since 1998

The Institute for Industrial and Financial Management (IPFM) is an international business school established in 1998 predominantly by subsidiaries of several multinational corporations  (Skoda Auto, a.s., IBM Česká republika, s.r.o., SAP ČR, s.r.o.) with the conviction that further education of employees is a strategic task for any company that enters international competitive environment with a desire to succeed.

Since then, many different national and multinational companies joined the group of our corporate partners and are working with us together in order to maintain highest standards in our MBA Program “General Management”.

Coming from this strong industrial background the IPFM has been constantly developing and improving its strengths not only in  corporate education but also in postgraduate education for ambitious students from around the world targeting highest career goals.

Our goal is to provide future leaders, qualified professionals and executives with the latest scientific knowledge and analytical skills to help them to cope successfully in an increasingly changing environment. For this, the IPFM offers our students a cutting-edge career-integrated official international MBA Program that promotes a forward style of thinking along with modern management concepts and effective methods – all designed in cooperation with our partners from scientific and industrial communities.

MBA Program and career

The MBA Program enables participants to join all courses and seminars while continuing their working routine. The IPFM classes take place only Friday, Saturday and Sunday once a month, so an efficient workload and time management can be provided at all time to focus on both, career and studies.

International Accreditation

Quality Assurance: Our MBA Program is both nationally by CAMBAS (Czech Association of MBA Schools) and internationally by FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation), being member of ECA, ENQA and Equal, accredited.

Their quality seals ensure that our outstanding program corresponds with rigorous quality criteria and the European MBA – guidelines as well as international standards (learn more: Accreditation).

  • FIBAA – Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation


  • CAMBAS – Czech Association of MBA Schools