Competence at first hand

Profound skills and practice-oriented curriculum

We offer a high-quality, work-orientated and scientific qualification to special executive and young executive candidates. Our work-accompanying post-graduate MBA-programs (General Management) can be completed in German or English.

The curriculum was developed to serve both the global and regional needs in Central and Eastern Europe (Curriculum).

DThe IPFM works with respected professors from all over the world and benefits from their cultural background. Our international approach is a main driver for the IPFM. Our lectors bring not only divergent and international experience, but also make it possible for us to develop a sound and efficient program.

Thanks to our multiple cooperation partners from all over the world we are continuously updating our classes. Thus the objectives are always current and part of the everyday business life.

We also introduced a well-proven review system between the IPFM, its graduates and the partners. This is a great benefit that helps the IPFM meet requirements that the economy states.

In close cooperation with our international partners, the IPFM offers its participants the opportunity to graduate various optional modules of their MBA studies and additional certificate courses at international destinations .