Former classmates and new contacts

Build up a personal network.

In the history of the IPFM, there are a lot of alumni, who have received an IPFM / Pfeiffer University double-diploma. For ever manager it can only be a benefit to be a part of a bigger network of friends and colleagues. The IPFM wants to strengthen the community-feeling of the alumni and enable them the access to events, lectures and the circle of alumni already given. The IPFM Alumni Club is a Forum of alumni, who want to broaden their network over the border of the horizon.

President of the Alumni Club:martin_hrdlicka
Ing. Martin Hrdlička, MBA
Director of the Development Department Škoda AUTO, a.s.
Mladá Boleslav

„The studies at the IPFM were a complete new experience. Not only because of the new knowledge, but also because of all the new friendships and business contacts which we would have in future. We could develop a feeling for our ‚Alma Mater’, even though the studies were „only“ half-time.
 Through our contacts in the Alumni Club we can stay in contact with our fellow students. We can share our resources, contacts and experiences and form a little but always growing community of IPFM-alumni, who help themselves amongst each other and also the IPFM. With the American Pfeiffer University, Charlotte, N.C. as – although geographically distant – partner there is another possibility to use the advantages of the global network of this institute.“

Every alumnus, who receives a MBA-Diploma at IPFM, automatically becomes a member of the IPFM Alumni Club. Who also receives a diploma at the partner university Pfeiffer University, Charlotte, N.C., USA, becomes a member of the bigger network of the Pfeiffer Alumni Association in the USA.

Up to not so long time ago, the IPFM Alumni Club was rather informal. It is the aim to reach all Alumni by introducing more structures. The Alumni Club is managed by a voted president, next to that a Alumni-council is formed, which consists out of one representative out of every class. The council is supposed to become a Think-Tank, which organizes events and other gatherings.

The Alumni are going to be informed regularly about lectures, guest speakers to particular topics, or generally about the development in the General Business Management. If interested the Alumni members can register for the lectures and seminars in the specific year. Often the IPFM is asked to help when problems with the paper of the participant arise – here the Institute can reach a helping hand through its broad network on experts.
IPFM Alumni-members are allowed to use the library of the institute, of the CERGE-EI and the VŠE.

Our Alumni-members are invited to participate in special lectures of international experts. Such guest lectures are repeated several times a year at IPFM. One of the last highlights was the board member of Škoda Auto Mr. Fred Kappler. These kind of events are welcomed by every Alumni member and gives them the opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience and to, once again, broaden their contacts within and beyond the Alumni-network – which ergo – helps the network to grow.

There are also other possibilities to meet. Every year the ex-students are invited to the diploma awarding, which is a meeting point for alumni, representatives of our partners, the Pfeiffer University and the advisory board. The ceremonial atmosphere on this occasion enables us to discuss vividly.

Every year the Alumni-members meet up to special events which are supposed to strengthen the connection between them. In the last years there were e.g. a bowling-soireé, rafting, hiking and a dinnerevent, which took place on Christmas.